Her profound strength was given to her with the inheritance of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God; it is said that the Star God Arts and Skills are very powerful and are of the type that can exterminate anything.

Star God Power InheritanceEdit

Jasmine at a young age inherited the power of one of the Twelve Star Gods, the Heaven Slaughter Star God. It was revealed that Jasmine is only a temporary vessel to be used as an offering so that the Heaven Slaughter Star Gods power will not weaken with the use of Soul Star Relegation.

Blood Lineage Edit

It is unknown exactly what Jasmine received in the power inheritance of a Star God besides Profound Strength, but it appears that it has changed her blood as she said she would give Yun Che a drop of Star God Blood once he rebuilt her body.

  • So far we have not seen how this actually works but from the description it sounds like inherited bloodlines from the likes of the Dragon God, Phoenix, or Golden Crow, what exactly Yun Che will receive has yet to be determined.

Profound Arts and Skills Edit

So far the only Profound Arts that Jasmines has used where from the Star God Series.

Star God's Series Edit

Learned but not usedEdit

Jasmine, when she was younger, used to watch her brother practice and unconsciously learned some of his Profound Arts but has not used them.

  • Prison God Sirius’ Tome - Unintentionally comprehended the fundamentals and the first sword style thorough watching her brother practice. She passed the first sword style to Yun Che to use with his heavy sword. After Yun Che mastered the first sword style Jasmine passed on some memories of her watching her brother practicing the later stages of the sword art to see if Yun Che is capable of comprehending them.
  • Great Way of the Buddha - Was a Profound Art that her brother used. She eventually passed onto Yun Che to help him wield his heavy sword.

Possessions Edit

Smoky Red Fairy Dress - Yun Che bought if for her at the Black Moon Merchant Guild.