Ye Qingsheng was apart of Sun Moon Divine Hall, and was one of the two sent to Frozen Cloud Asgard to acquire Xia Qingyue by Ye Xinghan.

When he got there he was obstructed by their Snow Goddess’ Veil for seven days and when he finally got through he was obstructed again by Heavenly Firm Jade for six months, which gave Yun Che time to get there and save Frozen Cloud Asgard. [1]

After Yun Che arrived to Frozen Cloud Asgard and the rest of the Nine Thrones he attacked and burnt Ye Ziyi, the other Overlord that was with him into ashes, [2] and after seeing that seen caused him to be scared out of his mind and tried to escape only to have Yun Che use his Ice Profound Energy to seal him in ice, and crippled him. [3]

Yun Che then went on to use a Profound Handle Soul Search to ask him why and who asked they to attack Frozen Cloud Asgard, and finally Yun Che lost his patience and used his Profound Handle to retrieve all of his memories. [4]


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