Yu Luo was the Heavenly Poison Star God's inheritor. She was one of the two most frightening Star Gods.

Appearance Edit

She had a tall figure and was even taller than the average male. She was dressed in a jade-green silk gown which was seemingly translucent, and her coquettish jade body was rather discernible. The silk sleeves slipping over her arms and thighs were however completely transparent. Her pair of silky arms were smooth and crystal clear while her shoulders glistened brightly.

Half wrapped in chiffon, the bosoms in front of her chest were enormous. Seemingly a large half of them were exposed, blatantly sandwiching a deep valley and the white luster they had led to people coveting and salivating for them.

Under the jade-green silk gown, her two beautiful slim, long legs were completely exposed, their creaminess was to the extent where people could lose control.

Personality Edit

As the inheritor of the Heavenly Poison Star God, her personality is very vicious with a poisonous heart. She is a very arrogant and proud woman.

Background Edit

She is the inheritor of one of the Twelve Star Gods; the Heavenly Poison Star God. Yu Luo is a person with high status in the Star God Realm. Her feelings are extremely virulent, she does not know pity.

Plotline Edit

She went to Blue Pole Star after sensing Jasmine in that planet, after threatening Jasmine saying that she will kill Yun Che, both left Blue Pole Star. But before leaving, she left a strand of her hair, filled with profound strength and poison to kill Yun Che.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name means Inferno but it's translated as Moon Flower in English translations.


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