In terms of strength, I may be thousands of times weaker than you, but here you are, relying on me! You can seek death, you can try to kill yourself, or even give up. But I won’t. Because I’m a man. When a man must protect someone, only death can stop him!
Yun Che to Chu Yuechan in the Dragon God's Trial[1]

Yun Che (云 澈) is the main protagonist of Against the Gods. He was cornered at Cloud's End Cliff on the Azure Cloud Continent by his enemies, who came after him for the Sky Poison Pearl. Left with no choice, Yun Che decided to swallow the Sky Poison Pearl to prevent his enemies from gaining possession of it and jumped off of Cloud's End Cliff to his death.

Afterwards, Yun Che woke up to find out that he isn't dead but had transmigrated into a dead body with the name Xiao Che, who had been killed by the Murdering Heart Powder and was to be married that same day. The Sky Poison Pearl had also merged with his left hand and the same "silver pendant" he had in his past life was still strapped around his neck.


Yun Che's manliness, along with his sharpness tempered by countless hardships, would produce an attractiveness that would most likely be fatal.

He is a tall and extremely handsome young man. In the beginning, he looked like a living doll with soft and beautiful skin. But after training the Great Way of the Buddha, his eyes, skin, aura, and temperament underwent big changes; his maturing face displays an abnormal charm.

Cultivating with Frozen Cloud Asgard's arts made his skin like ice jade and soft resin. His features also became comparable to awless snow lotuses, and his body naturally emits a cool and elegant presence of ice and snow as well.

His appearance was extraordinary in the first place. Coupled with his domineering and indistinct noble aura, he evoked favorable feelings in a woman’s heart with extreme ease.


Normally Little Che is a very gentle and warm person, but when he goes up against people who want to harm those who are important to him, he becomes very extreme. Also, he has an extremely strong ego. He is very obsessive about things that he wants to do, and he will always bear the burden for every single thing.
Xiao Lingxi About Yun Che
Strives to become powerful enough to protect the ones close to him. He has an arrogant nature that stems from his second life. To his friends and family, he is courteous and won't hesitate to help. In front of others, depending on the situation he is usually calm unless his family is involved then he becomes extremely overbearing.

Yun Che would definitely not hesitate in the least to protect those he considered important to him, even at the risk of his life. But, he was certainly not a chivalrous person, either. He wasn’t someone who would foolishly face an enormous risk that could very likely endanger his life to save a person he had nothing at all to do with.

He is normally a very smart person and impulsive when the situation is out of his control. He likes to solve his problems with his own powers. But when he can't deal with the problems with his strength alone, he uses his intelligence and cunningness to solve them.

He is a good actor and has a good self-control in situations where he needs to be smart and calmly talk when dealing with people stronger than him.

His nature is also perverted. As a person who seeks beauty in his life, he becomes soft when dealing with women and often tries to leave a good impression on all of them. But when he sees that they are his enemies or destined to be his enemies, he doesn't hesitate to turn into a ruthless person.

As a person with high and powerful status, he has become accustomed to stand in front and above everyone, so he became arrogant. But that side of his is only shown in front of his enemies.

After so many life & death situations and tempering himself in body and mind since his previous lives, he became a calm, strong and domineering person.

He was indeed a proud person regardless of who he was in the presence of because back when he was in the Azure Cloud Continent, he was one of the proud warlords there. Even after reincarnating and awakening in the body of a cripple, his state of mind stayed the same.

Current Life

Yun Che's Third Life is his current life and the one the Against the Gods story takes place in.

After his death in his Second Life on the Azure Cloud Continent, he transmigrated back to his original body from his First Life right after he was just killed by the Murdering Heart Powder, which was dispelled by the Sky Poison Pearl that had completely merged with his left hand, from the effects of the Mirror of Samsara.


Reminder: As Yun Che had the same body in his First and Third Lives, their background is the same.

While he was still in his mother's womb, she was poisoned by a cold poison and in order to save his life she forced the cold poison into his immature profound veins, terminating them, and protected him with her own profound strength despite already being severely injured.[2]

Several months after his birth his mother and father stopped by Floating Cloud City to see their good friend Xiao Ying again who in turn to save his friend's bloodline switched his own son for theirs, leading to Yun Che living a life in the Xiao Clan under the name Xiao Che.

While Yun Che was growing up in the Xiao Clan he and Xiao Lingxi used to share the same courtyard until Yun Che turned ten and Xiao Lie said that they weren't allowed to live in the same courtyard. [3]


Volume 1

Yun Che is being hunted down by a bunch of people who are after his Sky Poison Pearl, which ultimately leads to Yun Che being cornered and eventually committing suicide. After his suicide at the Cloud’s End Cliff, Yun Che doesn’t die but instead reincarnates back a second time into his own body from his first life just after he was killed by the Murdering Heart Powder. After being reincarnated he still retains all his memories and his personality from his previous life. He then finds out that the Sky Poison Pearl had merged with his left hand instead of being a separate entity, which still held the power of purifying poison but had lost its ability to produce poison, thanks to it, the poison within his body had been dispelled.

He marries Xia Qingyue and on their wedding night, she makes him sleep on the floor, as a result he couldn’t fall asleep so decides to go out for a little stargazing and ends up going into the Xiao Clan’s Mountain. Due to the Sky Poison Pearl’s detection ability he stumbles upon a Star Concealing Grass.[4][5] On the very same night he also discovers the unconscious Jasmine. As he approaches her, he finds that she is afflicted by an unknown poison that even the Sky Poison Pearl couldn't cure right away. After gaining consciousness Jasmine seizes Yun Che’s left wrist and starts sucking his blood. Later, she disappears into the Sky Poison Pearl to detoxify the deadly poison.[6]

After finding out that Jasmine had entered the Sky Poison Pearl, he starts heading back home but runs into Xiao Lingxi, his "Little Aunt", they end up falling asleep together on the mountain gazing at the stars, and get 'caught' by Xia Qingyue.

Later on Yun Che gives Xia Qingyue Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins under the pretense of "releasing cold", which spans over several days. Since his profound veins are crippled, it takes a lot of effort to do, which causes severe strain on his body eventually leading to Xia Qingyue letting him finally sleep on the same bed as her.[7]

Later Xiao Sect's Xiao Kuangyun comes to the Xiao Clan to find a talented disciple to bring back with him and gave them the Profound Opening Powder, which can restore profound veins, as a gift. While strolling around the clan, Xiao Kuangyun sees Xia Qingyue and his lust starts to overflow, he tries to get her but is warned otherwise by his overseer. However, Xiao Yulong proceeds to plot against Yun Che's marriage with Xia Qingyue by enticing Xiao Kuangyun with the prospect of attaining not only Xia Qingyue, but Xiao Lingxi as well. With obvious malicious intent, the duo attempt to frame Xiao Lingxi with the Profound Opening Powder, but their plan fails due to Yun Che unraveling everything. As a last resort, Xiao Yulong, reveals that Yun Che isn't Xiao Ying's biological son which he had heard while Xiao Lie was mourning at his son's grave, which leads to Yun Che getting expelled, while Xiao Lie Xiao Lingxi get imprisoned in the rear mountains Reflection Gorge.[8] He later returns and meets up with Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi. He asks Xiao Lie about his true identity and finds out that his surname is Yun, thus changing his name to Yun Che. Later, he makes a promise that in utmost three years he'll return, not as a cripple but strong enough to free them.

While on his journey he goes to Cyan Forest Town and happens to run into Xiao Kuangyun, who soon send Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu to humiliate Yun Che, but as they were attacking, Jasmine wakes up for the first time and kills both of them causing the Absolute God Slaying Poison to rebound.[9]

Jasmine states an offer to Yun Che that in exchange for fulfilling three of Jasmine's requests, first, to gather a stalk of Netherworld Udumbara Flower, three Profound Beast Cores no lower than that of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and at least thirty five kilos of Purple Veined God Crystal, second to reach the Sovereign Profound Realm within thirty years and third, to kneel down and worship her as his master, she will grant him profound veins that contain the power of a God.[10] Yun Che agrees to the first two requests but rejects the last since Jasmine is younger than him in terms of age, but in the end Jasmine forces him to kneel down which leads to Jasmine becoming Yun Che's master and bestowing him with the immortal blood of the Evil God, destroying his old profound veins and building the profound veins of the Evil God.

After his profound veins are reformed he heads to train in the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range by standing under a waterfall and pushing his body to its limits. After he is totally exhausted, he soaks in a medicinal bath until he's finishes recuperating, then repeats this process constantly.[11] After training for four whole months, he reaches the Fourth level of the Elementary Profound Realm. One day, while he was training as usual, Jasmine notifies Yun Che that five people at the Sky Profound Realm are approaching. Yun Che guesses that they came here for hunting beasts and so starts to follow them, so that he can gain some benefits from their leftovers.

While following them, Yun Che suddenly feels something summoning him from the Scarlet Dragon Prohibited Region. Meanwhile a dragon appears from a cave, Jasmine tells Yun Che that it is a true dragon that is at the Emperor Profound Realm. Yun Che believes that since it is a dragon's cave, he would be able to reap some benefits out of it, so he uses the Star Concealing Grass to infiltrate into the True Dragon's cave.[12]

Yun Che somehow makes his way into the dragon's cave and the first thing he finds is a mature Fire Spirit Grass. Soon after, the True Dragon finally frightens away the practitioners from the Burning Heaven Clan, inside the cave, Yun Che still feels that something is beckoning him. While exploring, he finds a small round red bead on the floor of the cave, after picking it up, it awakens and envelops him in a red light.[13] The True Dragon finds Yun Che inside the cave and tries to kill him for thieving its treasures which forces Jasmine to kill it which consequently results in the Absolute God Slaying Poison to flare up to the point where Yun Che is forced to feed Jasmine more than one fifth of his blood to sooth the poison which causes Yun Che to faint,[14] this touches Jasmine and she opens up to him for the very first time.

After waking up Yun Che swallows the red bead, which immediately starts producing a crimson light which changes the color of his Profound Veins to crimson-red, thereupon Jasmine deduces that the red bead was in fact, the Evil God's Fire Seed.[15]

After reaching the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, Yun Che prepares to leave, just before he leaves he stores the dead dragon's corpse within the Sky Poison Pearl. Thereafter Jasmine teaches Yun Che his first Profound Skill, Star God’s Broken Shadow, which is a Profound Movement Skill. Yun Che masters the first stage within a month, which is way quicker than the three months that Jasmine had initially predicted.[16]

After leaving the Scarlet Dragons Mountain Range, Yun Che heads towards the New Moon City's Black Moon Merchant Guild.He enters the guild wearing a disguise and sells three high grade Fire Spirit Pill's which were exceedingly rare. He also takes out an Emperor Profound Core from the Sky Poison Pearl and puts up a false bravado in order to frighten the Black Moon Merchant Guild's people in order to ensure that the business dealings with them in the future remains convenient. Yun Che also buys a red dress for Jasmine.[17]

After Yun Che finishes his dealings he goes to New Moon Profound Palace and co-incidentally runs into Xia Yuanba who had already entered New Moon Profound Palace.[18] Yun Che later meets up with Sikong Han, which gets him entry into New Moon Profound Palace Class One.[19] Thereupon, getting accepted into the New Moon Profound Palace. Yun Che while exploring the palace meets Lan Xueruo for the first time, along with Murong Ye who was walking beside her. Yun Che being who he is, starts flirting with Lan Xueruo causing Murong Ye to get jealous and threaten Yun Che into backing off. [20]

After a nights rest which he hadn't had in while, he and Xia Yuanba attend a banquet where a bunch of top school disciples battle each other, in the pretense of sparring, but in actuality it is just so they can show off and hurt each other.[21]

After defeating all the strong members of the young generation from the other sects, Yun Che cripples Xiao Luocheng who had an engagement fixed with a female from the Main Xiao Sect. The branch sect is so pissed that they go to find trouble for Yun Che but get interrupted by Qin Wuyou, who asks them to give him 10 days time, so that he can make the choice on whether to hand over Yun Che to them or not. Meanwhile, Lan Xueruo tells Yun Che that she'll take him to her hometown, the Blue Wind Imperial City so that he can be safe.[22]

Yun Che in order to take revenge disguises himself as Huangfu He and tricks Xiao Tiannan into robbing all the treasures inside the treasury of Xiao Sect's Branch. Yun Che also completely cripples Xiao Luocheng and when he is about to leave, his identity is discovered and he is chased down by Xiao Zaihe. Yun Che isn't powerful enough to escape from him or be faster than him, so he uses some of the treasures that he stole from the treasury to get a chance and reach a place where he could hide. On his way, he runs into Lan Xueruo who summons her Little Snow, leaving behind the angry Xiao Zaihe.[23]

While they were thinking that they were safe, the Fierce Storm Hawk of the Xiao Sect's Branch appears along with Xiao Zaihe flying with top speed towards them, they were pursued for four hours before Xiao Zaihe reached them and throw a Poison Fire Rod towards Lan Xueruo; Yun Che shields her and tells her to jump alongside him, searching for a lucky chance of survival.

Yun Che makes Jasmine lend him some profound strength, just enough to use the Profound Floating Technique of the Sky Profound Realm. While using the Profound Floating Technique to smooth the fall, he uses his own body to shield Lan Xueruo. She thinks that he died and starts sobbing nonstop until Yun Che finally wakes up and tells her that he is still alive, but after mumbling these few words, he faints again.[24]

Originally…. I did die. But Yama told me that there was a beautiful and kind girl who was crying so miserably because of my death that even he could not bear to watch any longer, so he …. sent me back….
Yun Che to Lan Xueruo[24]

Volume 2

After landing, Lan Xueruo checks Yun Che's condition, after feeling relieved she lays him on the grass. Soon after she notices three adults chasing after two kids in order to abduct them. She chases them away using her true strength at the True Profound Realm.

After saving the children, they start leading them towards their clan, so that Lan Xueruo can help them scare away the bandits. After reaching the clan, Yun Che then wakes up and discovers that all clan members are only at the 10th Level of the Elementary Profound Realm.

Jasmine notices that the members of the clan have the mark of the Phoenix, and says it to Yun Che. Yun Che enquires them about their history, and learns about their clan's history and how their ancestors had been cursed by the Phoenix which continues even to this generation.[25]

The next day, the leader of the Black Demon Mercenary Group arrive along with one hundred of their men to capture Lan Xueruo and acquire some treasures. At first, they can't seem to find her so to lure her out, they start threatening to kill the people of the Phoenix Clan, injuring Feng Baichuan and, before they could lay a finger on Feng Xian'er, Lan Xueruo appears and fights against Blacky and Black Demon, the latter is damaged and becomes furious. Yun Che feels that the situation was going too far, thus uses the treasures from the Xiao Sect to force them into backing off, while they start retreating towards the Sacred Place of the Phoenix Clan.

The Black Demon Mercenary Guild are terrified after witnessing the Xiao Sect's items so they decide to completely slaughter everyone except Lan Xueruo so as to avoid inviting problems from the Xiao Sect. While they were inside the Sacred Place of the Phoenix Clan, Feng Baichuan tells Yun Che the complete history of their Phoenix Clan and their curse.Yun Che also knows about the Phoenix Clan's trial grounds. [26]

Yun Che then enters the Phoenix Clan's trial grounds to pass the test and become stronger. In the last part of the trial, he is sent to Azure Cloud Continent where discovers Su Ling'er, Yun Che couldn't make himself to bring her any harm so he decides to fail the trial rather than killing her. The Phoenix tells him that he passed the test with flying colors and also tells him about it's situation and history, giving him the Divine Phoenix Pellet, the World Ode of the Phoenix and three drops of its blood.[27]

One month later, after completing his training, Yun Che departs the sacred grounds and then kills all the members of the Black Demon Mercenary Group, leaving behind only two of them so that Lan Xueruo could kill them and learn how to properly deal with enemies. She is unable to kill them, and the bandits try to capture a kid to threaten them, that bandit is killed by Yun Che and Lan Xueruo had no choice but to kill the remaining bandit.[28]

Before leaving the Phoenix Clan, Yun Che removes their curse. After that, he begins to travel with Lan Xueruo towards the Blue Wind Imperial City. During that time, they had to sleep together in the same bed since the inns didn't have more rooms.[29]

Yun Che arrives at the Blue Wind Profound Palace to be a disciple. Yun Che says that he had slept with Lan Xueruo enraging Murong Ye who then tries to fight Yun Che, only to be defeated in an instant. Yun Che continues and easily pass the first test of Blue Wind Profound Palace's examination, at the second test he had to fight Feng Yue, whom he completely defeats and humiliates as he harmed his friend, Yun Xiaofan.

Murong Yi arrives with Murong Ye to take revenge but is unable to do anything to Yun Che because Sikong Du was protecting him. Yun Che then decides to solve his problems himself, thus setting up an arranged fight three months later.

Qin Wushang makes Yun Che a disciple of the inner palace so he can cultivate fairly like Murong Yi. Yun Che chooses to train in the Heavy Sword, the Overlord's Colossal Sword. Jasmine is moved by it because Yun Che resembled her brother, so she gives him the Great Way of the Buddha to cultivate.[30]

Yun Che only spends three days to comprehend the Great Way of the Buddha, after that his cultivation increases to the True Profound Realm. He went outside to visit Xia Yuanba but seeing that he was in trouble, he stayed to deal with those who bullied him; Kui Yang, Han Feng and two other bully.

After that he went to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to get Cyan Profound Crystals and on the way, he bought a Devil’s Flaming Blood Crystal. Chu Yuechan, who appeared to buy the same item, was notified that Yun Che got it before her, she needs that item to cure the poison in her body so she followed Yun Che to try to buy it from him at double price.[31]

Yun Che refuses to sell the item to her, but told her that he is a medical genius who can completely cure her poison. While dispelling her poison, Yun Che touched Little Fairy's breasts and she released a bit of her profound energy, which caused extreme harm to Yun Che, almost killing him.

After waking up and completely curing her, she coldly left, promising to come after 2 months.[32] After he was completely cured, and reached the first stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, Jasmine taught him the Prison God Sirius’ Tome.

When the time of the challenge arrived, Yun Che properly prepared himself for that, he fought against Murong Yi and completely humiliated and crushed his pride.

Yun Che spent some time with Lan Xueruo, Qin Wuyou arrives and notices that their relationship was enough to call them a couple. He told Yun Che about her true identity as Cang Yue, the only princess of Blue Wind Empire and gave him the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet before leaving.[33]

Yun Che and Cang Yue settled their feelings for each other and he told her that he's a medical genius who can cure her father. After discovering the parasite inside Cang Wanhe and telling him to be wary of Gu Qiuhong, Yun Che was about to leave the palace when Ling Yun and Ling Jie appeared.

Ling Jie took fancy on Cang Yue and asked her hand in marriage, Yun Che rejected it and fought against Ling Jie with the condition that if Yun Che is able to take three of his attacks, Ling Jie has to call him boss.

Yun Che won, but was damaged, when he went outside the palace, he found that someone was following him from the shadows, he went to a dark corner to make that person appear. They were Xue Lang and Feng Baiyi, they tried to kill Yun Che but were defeated instead, Xue Lang died and when Feng Baiyi was about to be killed, he was saved by Uncle Fang, who was his protector.

Yun Che was no match for that person so he tried to call Jasmine to save him, she told him that someone was near and he didn't need to be saved by her. Chu Yuechan appeared to save Yun Che, and when Feng Baiyi was about to escape, Yun Che killed him and stole his spatial ring.[34]

Yun Che disguised himself as Feng Baiyi to be near Murong Yi and kill him. It caused the friendship of their two families to break and engage into a war with each other.

Chu Yuechan told him that Xia Qingyue was going to participate in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament so he became determined to participate on it, to do it he needed to be really strong. He went to the Wasteland of Death to train, knowing that Chu Yuechan and Jasmine were protecting him so he didn't had to worry about extreme danger.

A Fierce Storm Hawk stole his Mirror of Samsara and he begged Chu Yuechan to chase that Hawk so he can take it back, the only method to met his biological parents. Yun Che was able to get it back, but on the way they found two Flood Dragons who had their child killed by humans not too long ago, they had deep hatred towards them and finding Yun Che and Chu Yuechan made them filled with killing-intent.

Chu Yuechan used a powerful profound skill to kill the female dragon, but was crippled right after that. Yun Che was going to use his life to save Chu Yuechan so Jasmine had to save him, she killed the other dragon.

The injuries of Chu Yuechan were deep, and the fact that she had the will to die didn't help. He went inside a cave to treat her injuries without being worried about the beasts outside, he met the Primordial Azure Dragon inside that cave.[35]

The Primordial Azure Dragon told him that to save Chu Yuechan, he had to pass his trial since he was not willing to tell him anything if they were not related. Yun Che and Chu Yuechan spent five months inside the trial, fighting every day and doing all they can to be alive, Yun Che protected her with all his might since she was unable to move.

By the end of the trial, the Primordial Azure Dragon told Yun Che that in order to save Chu Yuechan, they have to be joined together and fuse their virgin Yin and Yang. With Yun Che's True Dragon Seed, he was able to completely cure Chu Yuechan and help her to reach the Emperor Profound Realm. While her ice arts were being passed onto him, he fainted because of his Phoenix inheritance. When he woke up, she was not around anymore.[36]

Yun Che then began his journey back to Blue Wind Imperial City.

From the center of the Wasteland of Death, Yun Che took an entire eleven days to get out. In these eleven days, every step he took was dangerous, especially in the Sky Profound Beast and Earth Profound Beast territories. Every step he took was cautious and difficult. He met with no less than a hundred times of fatal danger. However, he avoided them all. Just like this, only using his strength that was only in the True Profound Realm, he manage to escape half of the Sky Profound Beast territory and escaped from the Wasteland of Death. Then, he rushed day and night, and finally in six days, he finally arrived at Blue Wind Imperial Palace.

Arriving back in Blue Wind Imperial Palace, the first person he saw was Qin Wuyou. And Qin Wuyou’s expression when he saw him was like seeing a ghost in midday. He then understood that his entering of the Wasteland of Death had already spread around and many thought he had died in the Wasteland of Death.

After that, he heard from Qin Wuyou that the team going to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament at Heavenly Sword Villa was about to depart. Therefore, he abandoned Qin Wuyou and rushed to the palace at top speed.[37]

Since the three participants were already selected, Yun Che had to fight against Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong in order to participate. He easily defeated them and obtained the right to go.

Xia Yuanba was sent to bring back Fen Juechen so they can finally go, but when he came back he was injured by Fen Juechen. Yun Che was angry about that and humiliated and defeated him, making him kneel down in front of Xia Yuanba.[38]

Fen Juechen felt completely humiliated so he decided to not participate, since there were no more participants, Yun Che suggested to bring Xia Yuanba along with him, suggestion accepted by Cang Yue and Qing Wushang told him that he must get a high position in the tournament.[39]

Yun Che and Cang Yue spent time alone while traveling in Little Snow. After that, he asked about Chu Yuechan, and Cang Yue's expression changed greatly while telling him about her status and title as the "Fairy of Frozen Beauty".[39]

After a long journey, they finally arrived at the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.[40]

Volume 3

Yun Che arrived at the Heavenly Sword Villa along with Cang Yue, Xia Yuanba and Qin Wushang. They met the participants from the Burning Heaven Clan and Frozen Cloud Asgard.

When they were checking the status (age and profound strength) of the participants, seeing that Yun Che was only at the True Profound Realm, coupled with the fact that he was also the only participant from Blue Wind Imperial Family, he was received with a lot of disdain, mocking gazes and sarcastic commentaries. Yun Che felt nothing about it since he knew about his true strength.

He fought many matches, not losing even a single one. Many people tried to harm him because of Fen Juecheng, still, he was able to defeat them all without receiving any injuries. Mu Tianbei arrogantly invited Yun Che to join the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress despite knowing that Cang Yue and Qin Wushang were present. Yun Che turned down his invitation with humiliating words towards them, Mu Tianbei was angry and planned to take down Yun Che using Mu Xiongyan, but he was still defeated.

Yun Che fought against Ling Jie, it was a hard fight were his Overlord's Colossal Sword was broken by Ling Jie. Yun Che was still able to use it and defeated him, gaining his admiration and respect.

In the last match, Yun Che had to face Xia Qingyue. The battle between husband and wife began. No one had any thoughts about Yun Che winning, Chu Yueli considered him to be strong but still below Xia Qingyue. He used the 3rd Gate of Evil God and also the skill that comes along with that gate to defeat Qingyue. Still, he was unable to bring himself to truly harm her, so he targetted her weapon instead of herself, he fainted due to exhaustion and his injuries.

Despite everyone thinking that Xia Qingyue won, she was unable to lie, so she admited defeat in the end.

Yun Che was unconscious for three days before he finally awoke. He pretended to be injured in order to let his enemies lower their guard. Inside the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, Fen Juecheng, Fen Juebi and Mu Tianbei tried to attack him, but Yun Che defeated Fen Juecheng and Fen Juebi, when Mu Tianbei was going to do the death blow, Yun Che used the body of Fen Juebi to protect himself and activate the mark inside his body, so the others will think that it was Mu Tianbei who killed him willingly.

Xia Qingyue appeared, took him and ran away with all her might, so they can avoid being killed by the enraged Mu Tianbei. He chased them all the way until they were close, Jasmine appeared and saved Yun Che by killing Mu Tianbei.

Yun Che and Xia Qingyue found a precious treasure in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, but it was protected by a powerful beast at the Tyrant Profound Realm. They had no way to escape or fight back so the beast devoured them.

In order to survive, Yun Che ate the Water Seed of the Evil God who was inside the stomach of the Tyrant Beast. The Evil God teleported Yun Che and Xia Qingyue to the Azure Cloud Continent for 24 hours before they would be teleported back.

Yun Che then met the 10 years old Su Ling'er, who was being chased by her father's enemies. He saved her and met her father, Su Hengshan. Even thought he was mentally prepared to the fact that it was a dream created by the Evil God and not the real life, he still continued with it to try to understand Su Ling'er's past and help her.

While Su Hengshan was in trouble dealing with his clan's problems, Yun Che appeared and defeated Su Haoyu, claiming that he was also a part of the Grandwake Clan because he is Su Ling'er's fiance. Su Hengshan accepted it.

His enemies were angry and tried to kill Yun Che, but he was saved by Xia Qingyue who reached the Emperor Profound Realm thanks to the help of Yun Che. He calmed down most of the problems within the Grandwake Clan.

Yun Che spent the remaining time with Su Ling'er in a bamboo forest, they made a house and played all the day till they feel asleep in each other's embrace.

The next day Yun Che and Xia Qingyue were teleported back to the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, but before that, he gave Su Ling'er his armour, medicinal herbs and many other things along with a spatial ring and promised her that he will come back. Jasmine told him that it was not a dream, and that place is within Blue Pole Star.

Fen Moli tried to kill Yun Che but was stopped by Xia Qingyue. Yun Che went along with the other to see the demon of the Heaven's Might Soul Suppressing Formation, but during that event, the demon was totally humiliated and enraged, so he tried to kill someone. Xia Yuanba was about to be killed by the demon but Yun Che saved him, and was trapped inside the Formation along with the demon.

To survive, he had to kill the demon so he had to train really hard, he left all of his food inside the spatial ring he gave to Su Ling'er so he had no option but to eat the corpse of the dragon that Jasmine killed.

He spent sixteen months inside the Formation, everyday trying to kill the demon and be free, but when he was in daze thinking about his biological parents, the demon noticed the Mirror of Samsara and revealed everything to Yun Che, he was his grandfather, Yun Canghai.

He told Yun Che about everything related to the Illusory Demon Realm and the Yun Family. But to set Yun Che free from the formation, Yun Canghai severed his own heart veins.[41]

After kneeling in front of Yun Canghai's corpse for three days, Yun Che went out. Outside, Yun Che found Ling Jie who told him about his status and the marriage between Cang Yue and Fen Juecheng. Yun Che went with all his might to stop that event from happening.[42]

Volume 4

Fen Juecheng went to take his bride, Cang Yue while being protected by two thousand disciples and eight Sky Profound Realm elders to show off the strength of his Burning Heaven Clan and regain the dignity they lost in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. Yun Che arrives at the Blue Wind Imperial City and stood in front of everyone.

While everyone was surprised about the fact that he survived, Cang Yue ran in front of him, he didn't embrace her or had any change on his expression, he took the dagger with poison that was in her chest and stabbed himself, telling him that it was the same pain he felt when knowing that she's doing harm to herself like that. He felt deep sorrow after knowing that if he came a bit later, she would have disappeared from his side forever.

He defeated, humiliated and killed more than two hundred disciples from the Burning Heaven Clan, after that he kidnaped Fen Juecheng, crushing his bones and doing a lot of damage to him, he forced them to apologize and leave. Yun Che didn't feel the need to make a deep enmity with the Burning Heaven Clan so he planned to let it be.

Using his Profound Handle, he cured Cang Wanhe's illness. When he was finally alone with Cang Yue, she told him about Chu Yuechan's pregnancy. He was worried that Frozen Cloud Asgard would have killed his child or do something bad to his Little Fairy, so he left in a hurry.

While on the way, Yun Che noticed that eight elders from the Burning Heaven Clan were following him, he went to the Wasteland of Death to hide. They found him and he escaped to the cave where he met the Primordial Azure Dragon, after accepting the Dragon's Marrow and Soul, Yun Che killed all the people who were against him, leaving behind only one elder so he can go back to the Burning Heaven Clan and receive his warning.

He continues his journey towards Frozen Cloud Asgard. He destroyed the main gate, attracting the attention of the six fairies and all the disciples. He defeated them all and forced Gong Yuxian to come out. Yun Che defeated Gong Yuxian and declared all her wrongdoings, his intention was not to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard pointlessly so he left after knowing that Chu Yuechan went missing.

Chu Yueli gave him Little Chan so there will be more hope to find Chu Yuechan, since Yun Che had no way to know where to start searching for her, he went to Floating Cloud City to make the Xiao Clan pay for what they did and find Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie.

He defeated all of Xiao Clan's elders which caused deep fear on them, when he told them to go to the Reflection Gorge and beg Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie to leave. But he got to know about the fact that three days ago, they were kidnaped by the Burning Heaven Clan's people who were lead by Fen Juechen.

Yun Che, in rage, goes to the Burning Heaven Clan to fight them all, since he gave them too many opportunities to let their past enmities to disappear. He killed more than hundred disciples, killing dozens of persons each time he moves his sword. He fought against the elders of the clan until he notices Xiao Lingxi falling down, trying to kill herself because she didn't want to become his burden.

He saves her, and using Little Chan, he escapes after fooling all the attack formations they used on him. After confirming that Xiao Lingxi was in good health, he found two Burning Heaven Clan's disciples and killed them both, he stole all the memories of one of them and also used his appearance to sneak into the Burning Heaven Clan and rescue Xiao Lie.

He sent Xiao Lie to where Xiao Lingxi was hiding to continue fighting against the Burning Heaven Clan, the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder were around so he had to lure them to another place with the Profound Handle while he was killing people in the Burning Heaven Clan.

Yun Che then captures Fen Juecheng, strips him naked and hang him onto the gates of the nearby city. When Fen Duanhun and Fen Yijue were trying to rescue Fen Juecheng, Yun Che killed him, burning him to ashes. In rage, Fen Duanhun attacks Yun Che but he was no match for him.

Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya appeared, trying to finally kill him but they both were defeated and Fen Ziya was killed along with many elders and citizens of that city.

The Burning Heaven Clan had no option but to ask Xiao Sect and Heavenly Sword Villa to help. Xiao Sect sent Xiao Wuyi. Xiao Wuyi used powerful bombs to attack Yun Che but Yun Che was able to succesfully protect himself, Xiao Wuyi was scared and to escape but Yun Che used one his bombs to kill him.

Yun Che then began to completely exterminate the Burning Heaven Clan, burning everything and everyone till no one remains alive. Only Fen Juechen was spared per Xiao Lingxi's request. Yun Che left towards Blue Wind Imperial City.

In Blue Wind Imperial City, Yun Che met Xiao Lingxi and found that everyone was totally safe. But Ling Tianni appeared to take revenge and kill Yun Che no matter what.

Yun Che was having a difficult fight with Ling Tianni, he planned to fight until he had to flee and protect his life, but at that momment Xia Qingyue appeared, completely changing his mind.

While Xia Qingyue was restraining Ling Tianni, Yun Che uses the Dragon God Domain to completely crush his mind and attack. Ling Tianni was gravely injured and afraid of Yun Che so he retreated with Ling Jie.

Yun Che made Xia Qingyue stay with him while he was recovering to scare away those who wanted to kill him while he was injured. After waking up, Yun Che meet Cang Wanhe who asked him to marry Cang Yue after two months.

Before the wedding, Feng Xichen and his bodyguards arrived to confirm Yun Che's relationship with their bloodline, trying to take his blood. He was angered and defeated and humiliated them all. After that, he finally married Cang Yue and spent the entire month together.

Yun Che killed Gu Qiuhong and made his disciples expose all his secrets and despicable doings to the world.

Chu Yueli and Xia Qingyue asked Yun Che to go to Frozen Cloud Asgard as per Feng Qianhui's request. In Frozen Cloud Asgard, Feng Qianhui told him to join Frozen Cloud Asgard as the first male disciple or remove his Ice Profound Arts. Since he wasn't willing to remove the traces of Chu Yuechan on his body, he became the first male disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

After traiting Ice Arts, Yun Che found the Seven Fairies while they were taking a bath. They got angry and tried to kill him but were stopped by Gong Yuxian and Xia Qingyue. Yun Che promised them to open all their Profound Entrances as apology.

While opening their Profound Entrances, Yun Che took advantage of them, touching their backs as he likes. When it was the turn of Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue, he told them that the only way to open their last Profound Entrances and reach the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins is that he has to touch their breasts for 3 minutes.

He then began to cultivate the Ice Flame, after that, he went to Blue Wind Imperial City to make his preparations for the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. On the way, before going to the Divine Phoenix City, he appeared outside the Xiao Sect gates. He humiliated and extorted them with 10 million Purple Profound Coins.[43]

Yun Che finally began to travel towards Divine Phoenix City, after he arrived, he directly went to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to prepare himself for the tournament.[44]

Volume 5

Yun Che arrives at the Black Moon Merchant Guild, Feng Zhaonan appeared insulting everyone, including him, so Yun Che was angry about that and made a bet with him.[45]

Yun Che won the bet, achieving the highest result possible in the Black Moon Merchant Guild. Feng Zhaonan wasn't willing to accept his defeat so Zi Ji appears to accept it. But the content of the bet changed from an apology and kneel to Feng Zhaonan giving up on his Phoenix Robe.[46]

He enters the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild and meets Zi Ji who easily recognizes his true identity.[47]

Zi Ji tells him that in order to obtain the Phoenix Helianthus, he has to go to the black market of the Falling Flame Merchant Guild. Inside the Falling Flame Merchant Guild, Yun Che successfully buys the Phoenix Helianthus but when he was going out, he sensed someone eyeing him.

Yun Che stayed at an inn where he meet a handsome waiter. He pretended to be sleeping, when the "handsome waiter" came back and was seeing him sleeping, he went to steal something from him but was stopped by Yun Che who tried to capture him, he failed to capture him and the "waiter" escaped.

Yun Che went outside the inn and found an evildoer chasing a "beautiful mature lady", he appears to rescue her and fought against the evildoer At the moment he defeated the evildoer, Yun Che reveals the true identity of the "beautiful mature lady" who was the same person trying to rob him at the inn.

That person tried to escape again but Yun Che used his Dragon Soul Domain to capture him, since he didn't had any kill intent towards him, Yun Che determined that he was a good person and released him after a warning.

The person, instead of running, begged Yun Che to give him the Phoenix Helianthus no matter the price and told him that his wife was poisoned by his enemies.

Yun Che decided to cure Hua Minghai's wife since he made him remember his own past in the Azure Cloud Continent.

After curing Hua Minghai's wife, Yun Che felt that someone was lurking in the shadows when he arrived at the inn. Feng Chihuo appears to chase and kill him as per Feng Xichen's orders, Yun Che injured him and they end up fighting in the Divine Phoenix Sect's core territory. Feng Chihuo discovers Yun Che's Profound Handle so he had to kill Feng Chihuo.

After killing Feng Chihuo with the help of Little Chan, Yun Che was gravely injured and fainted. He was rescued by Feng Xue'er who was interested on Little Chan. Yun Che spent some days with Feng Xue'er recovering his injuries. Before leaving, he made a promise with her and she gave taught him the remaining parts of the World Ode of the Phoenix.[48]

Yun Che then joins the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. While everyone was mocking him, Navy Tide Nation was his first opponent, Yun Che easily defeated them, leaving stunned everyone on the scene.[49]

After that, no one dares to show disdain in front of him anymore and fought using all their strength, still, they were all defeated by Yun Che. After defeating everyone, Yun Che finally challenged the Divine Phoenix Sect.[50]

Yun Che decided to face the matter about the Phoenix' bloodline directly and fought against the ten disciples of the Divine Phoenix Sect, including the prince Feng Xiluo. After defeating them, Feng Hengkong refused to admit defeat and sent Feng Xue'er to fight against Yun Che, but she refused to do it, leaving him with no option but to admit Blue Wind Empire as the winner.

As the winner, Yun Che was able to enter the Primordial Profound Ark, inside of it, he made a group with Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue'er. They were walking without knowing where to go until Ye Xinghan appeared, wanting to capture Feng Xue'er. Feng Feiyan sealed Feng Xue'er's profound strength so that she would be unable to fight back.

Xia Yuanba sacrificed himself so that Yun Che and Feng Xue'er could escape, Yun Che had no option but to leave with all his might. On the way, Yue Ji and Mei Ji appeared chasing Yun Che, Yun Che fought against them and killed them.

Yun Che continues to escape but was found again by Ye Xinghan, this time, Ji Qianrou appeared to save him, blocking Ye Xinghan for twelve hours.

Yun Che found an Ancient Fortress and hide on it, while he was about to leave, Ye Xinghan found them again while exploring the Ancient Fortress, Yun Che ran inside a room and locked himself with Feng Xue'er.

Ye Xinghan tried to destroy the room but was unable to do it, since the time to go back was near, he decided to destroy the profound formation on the door so they won't be able to get out and die in the Primordial Profound Ark.

Yun Che used an artifact that Xia Yuanba gave to him on Feng Xue'er to teleport her outside the Primordial Profound Ark before it disappears, while he himself remained alone inside it.

Yun Che then sixteen months inside the Primordial Profound Arc, resisting spatial storms to survive. After he was able to resist them and the arc stopped at another location, Yun Che had to use the Ice Flame to destroy the door of the room.

The voice who was calling him was near, so he decided to take a look, he found a spirit telling him to save her little mistress, that's when he meet Hong'er. A little girl with red hair and red eyes, she was hungry and ate his Dragon Fault.

After Jasmine used her Soul Star Relegation on Hong'er, Yun Che was able to use her as his new Heavy Sword. After exiting the Primordial Profound Arc, Yun Che appeared in the Illusory Demon Realm near the Demon Imperial City, where he meet Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven.

They were being attacked by their enemies, until Yun Che appeared to save them. Killing one of them and leaving the other two leave so he can have more enemies and train himself.[51] Number One Under Heaven appeared and tried to attack Yun Che in order to test his strength, they both felt surprised about each other's strength.

Yun Che got to know about the current status of the Yun Family and his biological parents, he was invited to go to the Demon Imperial City together with Yun Xiao.[52]

Volume 6

In Demon Imperial City's Yun Family, Yun Che finally meet his biological parents; Mu Yurou and Yun Qinghong. After knowing that they were injured and poisoned, he began to cure them. Yun Xiao became Yun Che's sworn brother with Yun Che as the elder brother and Yun Xiao as the younger. At that time, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou also aknowledged him as their foster son, Yun Che concealing his true identity as their biological son.

Yun Che participated in the Yun Family Competition where he meet some of the big figures within the Illusory Demon Realm and became aware of their relationships with his Yun Family.

When Yun Xinyue was about to be appointed as Yun Family's patriarch, Yun Che stood up and objected. He accused Yun Xingyue to be one of the persons behind Number Seven Under Heaven's assasination attempt, as a proof, he planned to use the Profound Handle's Soul Search. When an elder was going to attack Yun Che for such "shameless" accusations, Yun Qinghong stood up to protect him. Using the Patriarch's Crest, Yun Qinghong forced Yun Xinyue to accept the Soul Search.

When all the truth was revealed, Venerable Stone Dragon killed Yun Xingyue before they revealed more of it, and tried to kill Yun Che as per Hui Ye's orders. Yun Qinghong protected Yun Che with his strength at the Sovereign Profound Realm, forcing them to retreat.

After everything was solved, Yun Che told Yun Qinghong, Mu Yurou and Yun Xiao the truth about his true identity and everything about what had happened on his life in the Profound Sky Continent.

While exploring the outsides of the Demon Imperial City using the Extreme Mirage Lightning, Yun Che found a little girl. She burnt all of her clothes, after a gulping sound coming from himself, the little girl who has a Middle Stage Sovereign Profound Realm cultivator found him and tried to burn him to death, fortunately, he managed to escape.

Yun Che participated in the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony where he got to know about the true identity of the little girl he meet previously, the Little Demon Empress.

Duke Huai wanted to remove his Yun Family from the Twelve Guardian Families, so he set up a competition for the young generation to decide it. While his side was on the losing part, Yun Che stood up and fought against everyone from the other side, winning every match. In the end, his victory was rejected by Duke Huai because he doesn't have the blood of the Yun Family and was just an adopted son of Yun Qinghong, but Yun Che used his Profound Handle with Purgatory, revealing his true identity to everyone.

When the Little Demon Empress was going to bestow him with a Overlord Pellet, the Duke Palaces and allies began to complaint, stating all the "sins" that the Yun Family did and that they don't deserve it. Yun Che humiliated them and showed them the body of his grandfather, Yun Canghai along with the Demon Emperor’s Seal.

Yun Che refused to give the Demon Emperor's Seal to the Little Demon Empress due to what had happened in the past. She promised him that the Yun Family will be protected will all her might, bestowed Kingship upon Xiao Yun and Yun Che asked her to give the Overlord Pellet to Xiao Yun instead of him.

Yun Che made all the Duke Palaces and the enemies of his family kneel in front of the corpse of his grandfather before giving the Demon Emperor's Seal to the Little Demon Empress.

Under the praises of everyone, Yun Che finally reunites with all the members of his family, moment when Mu Feiyan gave him the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven.

Volume 7

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10

Mu Xuanyin was angry due to the intruding of the three sect masters of the Flame God Realm into her Snow Song Realm at an unnapropiated time, after being incited by Huo Rulie both were gonna make their disciples, Yun Che and Huo Poyun fight against each other.

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Mu Hanyi decided to stand up on the stage and "save" the day, defeating Huo Poyun. Huo Poyun showed strong disdaind towards Mu Hanyi and defeated him without efforts. Yun Che stood up on the stage facing Huo Poyun, now with the conditions changed, they will challenge each other only using their elemental laws.

Yun Che defeated Huo Poyun and finally became the true direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin.

Volume 11

Yun Che poisoned all the sons of Lei Qianfeng, leaving him with no option but to contact the Poison Saint Blackheart.

Yun Che disguised himself as the Doctor to "help" Lei Qianfeng to cure his poisoned sons, he tricked him by saying that he was able to heal the poison, they had doubts about his capabilities so, he "cured" one of his sons in the scene for them to believe him. He sold his services at an expensive amount of Profound Stones and they paid a total of 6 billion Profound Stones for a medicine that can help Lei Qianfeng in his cultivation.


  • He likes to wear white clothes.
  • He is right-handed.
  • His favorite food is Chicken Soup.
  • He likes girls with big butts.[53]
  • Being called ugly was what Yun Che hated the most, and even the word “clown” was a taboo.[54]
  • Yun Che's willpower is stronger than Jasmine's Father's willpower.[55]
  • Yun Che's first profound skill is the Star God’s Broken Shadow.[16]
  • Yun Che wishes that his child will be a boy so that he could be like a real man, protecting his mother.[56]
  • The name 'Duotian' that Yun Che used for his master's name was not intentional.
  • Yun Che had killed over Seven Million people with the Sky Poison Pearl's poisonous AOE effect.
  • Yun Che is the only person who has the inheritance of a Creation God.[57]
  • Yun Che's Dragon Soul Domain has the aura and pressure of the Primordial Azure Dragon and can suppress those at the Divine Master Realm.[58]



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