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Heavenly Profound Treasures Edit

  • Sky Poison Pearl - A Heavenly Profound Treasure that was split into two parts after he reincarnated. One merged with his right hand and another with his left hand. The one merged with his left hand had the purification powers and the one on the right had the poison powers.
  • Mirror of Samsara - Heavenly Profound Treasure that is responsible for Yun Che's reincarnation.

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  • Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword (Hong'ers sword form) - A Celestial Spirit that has the appearance of a little girl but can transform into a heavy sword which is about nine feet long which is bigger than Dragon Fault by about 30% and weighs over 5,000,000 kilograms.
  • Sound Butterfly Blade - A sword that Mu Xuanyin gave to him.
  • Sky Poison Sword - it is a weapon that Yun Che used in his previous life in the Azure Cloud Continent. It has a distinct and extreme aura that glows with a gloomy green light. Since it was infected by the Sky Poison Pearl’s venomous poison, it turned into a poisonous sword.

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  • Dragon Fault - A sword that Yun Che obtained during the Dragon God trials of the Primordial Azure Dragon. Previously a Sky Profound weapon, but the Azure Dragon assisted Yun Che into turning it into the first Emperor Profound weapon in the Blue Wind Empire with his Dragon Emperor Profound Core. Destroyed in the Primordial Profound Ark.
  • Overlord's Colossal Sword- Yun Che's very first heavy sword. It was an Earth Profound weapon he found in the Blue Wind Profound Palace. It was later broken during the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament.

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Contracted Profound Beasts Edit

  • Little Chan (Released) - A Sky Profound Snow Phoenix beast that he received from Chu Yueli. It used to belong to Chu Yuechan. Yun Che ended up releasing Little Chan because it wanted to stay behind with Feng Xue'er.

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Yun Che's current money

  • Currently - (7,199,975,000 Purple Profound Stones)