The Yun family is the most powerful of the Twelve Guardian Families. But before Yun Che's arrival it had severely declined after the disappearance of of Yun Canghai the family has been filled with turmoil and unrest for a long while, along with the loss the important treasure of the Demon Royal Families, the Demon Emperor’s Seal along with the treasure they are suppose to protect the Mirror of Samsara. But with their good relationship with the Mu Family they are capable of staying as one of the Twelve Guardian Families.

After Yun Che's arrival the up rise of the Yun Family began. When Huan Caiyi stopped the rebellion and took care of the rebels, it allowed the Yun Family to become the number one of the Twelve Guardian Families again. This was only because of Yun Che: who was able to heal Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou, saving Huan Caiyi from being killed, allowing her to become powerful enough to completely stop the rebellion, and eventually marrying Huan Caiyi, becoming the Demon Monarch of the Illusory Demon Realm.

Members Edit

Current Patriarch Edit

Previous Patriarchs of the Family Edit

  • Yun Canghai - Father of Yun Qinghong; Previous Head of the Family; Deceased

Young Patriarch Edit

Grand Elders Edit

Strongest of the Yun Family and strongest cornerstone

  • Grand Elder: Yun He - Oldest and strongest
  • Grand Elder: Yun Jiang
  • Grand Elder: Yun Xi

Elders Edit

There are a total of thirty-six elders within the Yun Family

  1. Great Elder: Yun Waitian - Strongest of the thirty-six elders
  2. Yun Duanshui

Younger Generation Edit


Needs more information

Profound Handle Edit

Main Article: Profound Handle

An innate ability that is only possessed by people with the bloodline of the Yun Family.

Profound Arts and Skills Edit

Forbidden ArtsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Yun Family succession has only ever been passed down from the line of the initial Patriarchs.
  • In order to prevent struggles for succession, six thousand years, the initial patriarchs of the Yun Family set down a rule of sole inheritance through generations, i.e., each current patriarch could only have one son.

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