Yun Qinghong (云轻鸿) is Yun Che's biological father and husband of Mu Yurou. He is Patriarch of the Yun Family. His talent his exceptionally good, with having a Cyan color Profound Handle and becoming a Monarch (Sovereign Realm) at the age of thirty-six.


He looked like a middle-aged man who was about fifty years old. His face was white, but, even an ordinary person could see that this form of whiteness was paleness due to being ill. As a formidable profound practitioner, his body should have been maintained in an extremely young state in the first place. However, what was seen from his body was an heavily aged state, and even his hair was mixed with about thirty percent of white hair.

However, these factors were completely unable to conceal the extraordinary temperament which transcended a normal person’s. His forehead, was even more so revealing a very light form of grace and calm. Although his face was drawn with the traces of old age, his facial features still carried a refined look that could hardly be concealed. No matter who it was, they wouldn’t suspect that he was definitely a handsome man who was rarely seen when he was young. [1]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Before him and his wife left the Illusory Demon Realm for the Profound Sky Continent his father Yun Canghai gave him the Mirror of Samsara the families protective treasure.

His father disappeared in the Profound Sky Continent which lead to him and his wife using their precious treasure they went to rescue him. During his time there he made life-long friends with Yun Che's adoptive father Xiao Ying. Later while him and his wife where being chased by the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region with a baby Yun Che, he met with Xiao Ying one more time. Xiao Ying then replaced Yun Che with his own son so that his bloodline wouldn't die out.

Running for three years they left the Profound Sky Continent with their 'son' Yun Xiao and returned to the Illusory Demon Realm, severely injured. After returning he took over the position of the head of the family since his father is unknown to be dead or alive, and that he lost the Mirror of Samsara and the Demon Emperor's Seal the Yun Family was severely punished along with him being nearly crippled caused the Yun Families power to greatly diminish form being first to almost being kicked out of the Twelve Guardian Families

History Edit

He is first seen when Yun Xiao brings Yun Che to see him right after saving him.[2]

After meeting Yun Che he noticed that he seemed familiar but couldn't figure it out, and Yun Che says that he has a way to cure his illness without having any hope that Yun Che could cure him, until he feels a weird energy and sees that his dead meridians are awakening.[3]

Past Illness Edit

The illness that he received more than twenty-years ago while he was in the Profound Sky Continent.

  • Internal Injuries - His internal organs were all failing to a large extent. His heart, lungs, and profound veins every single one of them was carved with scars which looked as though they were slashed by a sharp sword. And, when an expert’s internal organs were damaged, as long as sufficient time was given, they could be recovered with their own profound energy. However, these sword scars still existed even after twenty odd years, but the most frightening part wasn’t his internal injuries, but the failures of more than ninety percent of his tendons.
  • Cold Poison - A cold poison used by Sun Moon Divine Hall; it has since completely invaded every single part of his body (blood veins, bone marrows, and even his vitals); same poison that was used on Ru Xiaoya, Hua Minghai’s wife. [4]

References Edit

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