Yun Xinyue (云心月) is a member of the Yun Family. Before Yun Che showed up Yun Xinyue was regarded as the strongest and most talented of the Yun Family's younger generation. Yun Xinyue had outstanding talent, a Cyan Profound Handle, and and outwardly calm and sincere personality. His father was the Great Elder Yun Waitian, the most likely candidate to become the Patriarch, and he was well liked by everyone in the family. He was able to achieve fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm at the age of twenty seven.

During the Yun Family Competition his father tried pushing for Yun Qinghong to be abdicate his position as to become the Patriarch. But with the help of Hui Ye, Yun Xinyue was set to be the next patriarch until Yun Che exposed their scheme and used a Profound Handle Soul Search as proof to uncover the truth that he was responsible for attacking Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven, and he was working for someone from Duke Huai Palace.

Appearance Edit

He looked around twenty-five years old, and his expression was thriving with heroic spirit[2].

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He is cunning and an amazing actor. His acts like he has a very gentle and humble personality and steps in when other Yun Family disciples are ridiculing Xiao Yun[2].


Six years ago he was poisoned by his master with the ‘Heart Disabling Venom’, and if he followed his instructions, and after his master overthrows the Little Demon Empress and he as the new Patriarch of the Yun Family, he would be named with the title of a king and if he where to disobey he would kill him. His master is from Duke Huai Palace’s.


Yun Xinyue is first seen when Yun Xiao brings Yun Che into the Yun Family compound. Yun Che was able to detect a faint killing intent coming from him, which caused Yun Che to be suspicious that Yun Xinyue's noble personality is an act.[2].

During the Yun Family Competition, Yun Xinyue is the fourth person to fight with Yun Xiao. He easily defeated Yun Xiao using only is Cyan Profound Handle[3].

During the discussion about who should be the next Yun Family Patriarch, Duke Hui Ye suggest that the best candidate is Yun Xinyue because he has the best talents in the clan and will be a bright star of hope for the young generation. The Yun Family Elders, Grand Elders, and disciples are all extremely excited about the idea[4]. Yun Che figured out the collusion between Yun Xinyue and Duke Hui Ye and objected to Yun Xinyue becoming Patriarch. Yun Che accused Yun Xinyue of being one of the culprits behind the attack on Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven. Yun XInyue's supporters within the Elders and his secret allies, Helian Peng and Duke Hui Ye, spoke out against such a ridiculous accusation and harshly criticized Yun Che and also Yun Qinghong[5].

Yun Che offered using the Profound Handle Soul Search on Yun Xinyue to find out the truth. Yun Qinghong reaffirmed his authority with the Patriarch's Crest and force Yun Xinyue to undergo interrogation with the soul search[6]. He revealed that he had known about Yun Xiao's meeting with Number Seven Under Heaven and that he was involved with parties that sought to overthrow the Little Demon Empress. He implicated the Helian Family and Duke Huai Palace and also revealed that he was poisoned with Heart Disabling Venom and forced into doing heinous crimes for his master from Duke Huai Palace. When he was about to reveal who his master was, Hui Ye had his bodyguard Venerable Stone Dragon attack and kill him in order to silence him before anybody was implicated[1].

Patriarch Yun Qinghong pardoned Yun Xinyue's crimes because he was being forced by others and allowed him to be buried in Ancestor's Ridge. Yun Qinghong also did it to regain the loyalty of his father, Yun Waitian[7].


  • He likes to visit a prostitute named 'Lady Chrysanthemum'[8]

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